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Modern Technology and Management Institute, Inc. (MTMI) was established by a group of academicians and professionals to enhance the understanding about business issues. The primary mission is to bring together academics and practitioners from various parts of the world to identify and develop strategies for bridging the knowledge divide that would leverage market forces to helping reduce the gap between high income and low income countries as well as communities within countries with low levels of information technology penetration.

MTMI in collaboration with the Department of Business, Management and Accounting (DBMA), University of Maryland Eastern Shore and Department of Management , Frostburg State University, USA organize Academic Conferences in developing countries. The theme of this conference would be Bridging Knowledge and Digital Divide. This conference will also focus on the conceptual and empirical studies in the digital business management and related areas. Papers dealing with the national and international level of digital business strategies including, but not limited to, e-Commerce Security, Supply Chain Management, CRM, Digital Business Economy, Home land security, Quantitative Business Analysis, Digital Divide, Human Resource Issues, Financial and Accounting Issues Privatization, Global Competitiveness, E-Government, Telecommunications Issues, and Online Education.