The Modern Technology & Management Institute, Inc. (MTMI) is a non-profit organization under section 501 (c) (3).  The primary mission of the organization is to   provide professional training and services for physical challenged individuals for cultural & economical disadvantaged groups and also providing distance education opportunities for the third world nations.

The MTMI is engaged mainly in three following activities to meet its goals and objectives of the MTMI:

1. Modern Technology & Management Institute (MTMI, a non-profit organization), USA is publishing International Journal of Effective Management (IJEM), and sponsored by Synetic Business School (SBS) Ludhiana, INDIA is a refereed bi-annual journal with an international editorial board and expected international audience. The members on the board are associated with institutions in various countries.

The aim of IJEM is to promote the original contributions on a wide range of topics
relevant to effective management. It is an interdisciplinary journal directed towards
academicians, policy makers, government, non-government organizations, and
business practitioners of global firms.

2. MTMI is also sponsoring ANAMI VIDYA MANDIR (AVM), a school for economically disadvantaged children in the very poor village of District Ambedkarnagar (U.P.) India.  In the beginning AVM has started educating children from 6th grade to 8th grade.  Students will get skilled oriented education, which would help them to stand independently in the society.

3. MTMI and SBS have identified the potential of doing the following activity for the furtherance of excellence in Management education:

  • Collaborative research projects,
  • Publication of the existing Journal “International Journal of Effective Management (IJEM)”, of MTMI.
  • MTMI authorize to use MTMI name and logo by the SBS in promoting their educational programs in India and abroad,
  • Aid in student exchange program between SBS and appropriate foreign universities

4. MTMI organizes International Conference focusing on the conceptual and empirical studies on the global issues in business and technology and other related areas. Papers dealing with the national and international level on the global issue in business and technology including, but not limited to, e-Commerce Security, Supply Chain Management, CRM, Digital Business Economy, Home land security, Quantitative Business Analysis, Digital Divide, Human Resource Issues, Financial and Accounting Issues Privatization, Global Competitiveness, E-Government, Telecommunications Issues, Online Education.