Review of Business & Technology Research

Volume 13, Number 1, September 2016 ISSN: 1941-9414


Dr. Dinesh K. Sharma, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, USA


Dr. Aaron R. Rababaah, American University of Kuwait, State of Kuwait

Dr. Kamal N. Agarwal, Howard University, USA

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University of Maryland Eastern Shore, USA

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Review of Business & Technology Research

Editorial Notes

We are pleased to present this issue of the Review of Business and Technology Review (RBTR), Volume 13, No. 1, September 2016. The views reflected in this publication are those of authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of MTMI Inc. We do not guarantee the accuracy of data included in this publication and accept no responsibility for any consequence of their use. Use of the term ‘country’ does not imply any judgment by authors, MTMI Inc. as to legal or other status of any territorial entity.

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Dr. Dinesh K. Sharma, Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Aaron R. Rababaah, Editor

Dr. Kamal N. Agarwal, Editor



Review of Business & Technology Research

Volume 13, Number 1, September 2016 ISSN: 1941-9414


  1. Moddelling The Relationship Between Leadership Styles And Innovative Behavior And Entrepreneurial Orientation In American Firms

(Raushan Gross, Emilyn Cabanda) 1

  1. Stress Management Of Soldiers During Low Intensity Conflict (Lic) Situations

(Jagtar Grewal) 8

  1. Glocal Face Of Global Business: Glocalization Strategy To Grab Profit Globally

(Garima Kakkar) 14

  1. M-Commerce: The Future Face Of Commerce

(Garima Kakkar) 20

  1. Improving Storage Capacity Of Database System Using Graph

(Deepak Kumar, Prashant Gupta, Daniel Okunbor) 26

  1. Biogeography Based Optimization Of Network Routing Problem

(Dinesh K. Sharma, Rohtash Dhiman, Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram) 32

  1. Teaching Innovations In The Introductory To Engineering And Design Courses

(Saed T. Amer, Jaby Mohammed) 37

  1. Technology Implementation In The Introduction To Engineering Classrooms

(Saed T. Amer, Jaby Mohammed) 44

  1. Automated Teller Machine With Two Stage Security In Banking Operations

(S. K. Peer, Rakesh K. Sharma, Daniel I. Okunbor) 51

  1. Team Innovation Capability Amongst Academic Research Teams

(Tikas G.D, Akhilesh K.B) 54

  1. Study Of Implied Volatility Skew In Indian Stock Market

(Himani Arya, Dinesh K Sharma) 60

  1. Assisting Students With Gpa Calculations

(Donald Joyner, Sally Sledge) 66

  1. Security In The Iot: Smart Home And Car

(Jaymee P. Arputham, Young B. Choi) 71

  1. Developing a Modern Security Policy

(Michael Anunswith, Young B. Choi) 77

  1. Millennials Are People Too: Evaluating Other Generations' Negative Perceptions Of Millennials And The Impact This Has On Workplace Acculturation

(Steve Firestone) 87

  1. Socio-demographic Factors and Resilience as Predictors of Entrepreneurial Failure among artisans and petty traders in Ibadan

(Remi Opayemi, Johnson Oyeleke) 92

  1. Efficiency Performance Of Firms Under Pharmaceutical And Healthcare Association Of The Philippines (Phap) 2010 To 2014

(Marcelino P. Valdez Jr, Ma. Socorro P. Calara) 98

  1. System Dynamic Modeling for Policy analysis in Higher Technical Education

(Sanjay Soni, B.K. Chourasia) 104

  1. Strategic Alliances As A Competitive Tool In Complex Globalised World

(Rajiv Gupte, Pallavi Mhatre) 109

  1. Software Simulator for Intelligent Health Monitoring System of Windfarm

(Aaron R Rababaah, Joseph Arumala, Ibibia K. Dabipi, Kenny Fotouhi, Gurdeep Hura) 113